चाळकेवाडी Chalkewadi

Short into:
Chalkewadi windmill farm is one of the largest windmill farms in Asia. This area is a hill top and receives strong winds.

Taluka: Patan
District: Satara
Distance: 30 km from Satara

Best time to visit:
Chalkewadi can be visited all year around with Aug – Feb being the best time.

What to see:
Beautiful landscape with 100s of windmills in plain sight.
Around 15000 windmills providing electricity to Satara and nearby areas. Each blade weighing 1-2 ton and total weight of the windmill easily exceeding 200 ton.
Stunning viewpoints both sides of the road.
Great place for a picnic and an uncommon selfie spot.
You might as well see flowers similar to Kaas growing here.


Whats nearby:
Thoseghar is beautiful option to go to in monsoon till December. One of India’s highest waterfall.
The well known Kaas plateau during the flower bloom period.
Sajjangad fort.

Travel Tips:
If your goal is to just visit the area and click pictures with the Huge windmills, best time of the day would be early morning or after 4pm. Afternoon sun could be very harsh and spoil the picnic mood.
There are no ATMs / Fuel stations nearby. Best is to fill up the tank from either Patan or Satara.
Carry your food and water. There is no restaurant here.
Kindly consider the environment and DO NOT throw any kind of garbage. Carry it along with you. Dispose when you find dustbins.

Hotel Options:
No options nearby. Nearest stay options available at Kaas and Satara.

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