Make the most out of these long weekends in 2018. Be a Traveller this year, be a MovingMaratha!

We heard many people talk about 2018 not having many holidays. Well we decided to help you out a little.
Here we are, featuring all the holidays we have got in this year PLUS the extra bonus of where you can travel in Maharashtra/Goa.
The states of Maharashtra and Goa are blessed with a long coastline of around 820km, numerous forts, ancient and religious sites and abundant free stuff mother nature has to offer.

So pack those bags and let 2018 be the travel year for you. Happy Travelling!!


January 26 Friday Republic Day
January 27 – 28 Weekend Holiday

Try out beaches in Maharashtra to start your year with.
The best in our list: Diveagar, Ganpatipule, Kashid, Anjarle, Harihareshwar. All these are within 200-300km from Mumbai / Pune / Satara / Kolhapur.

If you want to get some blessings, head to Shirdi and Trimbakeshwar.
On the trip to Trimbakeshwar, laze around at some resort in Trimbak area.
The temple is a great piece of architecture.
There are some super cool resorts here. We have got Maha Shivratri in Feb. So if you want to avoid the crowd in Trimbakeshwar, go now.

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Interested in bird watching, head to Bhigwan near Baramati before January ends. Best time to visit Nov to early Feb.


February 10 – 11 Weekend Holiday
February 12 Monday Take a leave
February 13 Tuesday Maha Shivratri

If you haven’t been to Tarkarli yet, this is a good time. With clear waters and good cold but sunny climate, you will have great fun with snorkelling and scuba.
These 4 days would be best to visit Tarkarli / Bhogwe / Nivti and the Sindhudurg sea fort. Try your luck with Dolphin Spotting in early hours of the day.
Just in case if you are not aware, Murud Janjira fort and Sindhudurg fort are different. These are 400km away from each other.
Also this is the Valentine week. You can enjoy in Goa this time of the year. It would be a bit crowded, but the weather will be good. Head to beaches to the center of Goa instead of North and South and chose to stay in beach huts or some cool resort.
Apart from Goa, another suggestion would be to stay in a Tree house at the secluded beach of GaneshGule near Ratnagiri.
Rest said, February is a good time to visit any beach on Maharashtra/Goa coastline.

February 17 – 18 Weekend Holiday
February 19 Monday Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharajanchi Jayanti

On the eve of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharajanchi Jayanti, its a good time to go to Raigad fort. Either trek your way up or use the Ropeway.

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If Raigad fort is not on your list for this year, head to Ellora Caves. These stone cut series of caves in Maharashtra is something to marvel at.


March 02 Friday Holi
March 03 – 04 Weekend Holiday

If you are not the one who likes to play with colors, you have various options: a quick trip to Goa or to Matheran or plan a night trek to a nearby place.

March 29 Thursday Mahavir Jayanti
March 30 Friday Good Friday
March 31 – Apr 1 Weekend Holiday

Feeling hot in the city? Well sure its hot here in March. Head to Mahabaleshwar / Panchgani in this long weekend. We assure you will get 3 boxes of strawberries for around 100 rupees. Apart from that Mahabaleshwar will be very cold at night-and-early-morning with pleasant temperature throughout the day.


April 28 – 29 Weekend Holiday
April 30 Monday Buddha Purnima
May 1 Tuesday Maharashtra Day

Like to see a tiger? Probably by yourself or along with your loved ones? This is a good time to visit Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve. With the hot months and water drying up, animals are forced to come out of the forest in search of food and water. This gives us a great opportunity to spot them along with the Don: Tiger.
If this is not feasible, go in search of water yourself. Confused? We mean go to a water park. There are many these days and primarily in Mumbai and Pune.

No more holidays here in May. However a weekend visit to Bhandardara would be quite refreshing. Bhandardara receives heat obviously in May but also strong winds. Plan a stay at the MTDC resort and book the lake facing room. We bet you would love it.


June 15 Friday Eid ul-Fitr
June 16 – 17 Weekend Holiday

As the temperature keeps itself on a higher scale and the approaching humidity makes it very difficult to travel in Maharashtra/Goa. We don’t have much suggestions for this long weekend of June. We leave this up to you to let us know where you had been on this long weekend.
One suggestion (apart from this long weekend) here is to visit the fireflies at Purushwadi. Head to Bhandardara and from there to Purushwadi. Millions of fireflies can be seen in early June so that will be Week 1 and 2 of June.

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Worried about no long weekends or holidays in July. Well in Maharashtra, this is the time you head to the forts. Yes utilize every rainy weekend and trek to some place.
Let us know where you had been.
Must do suggestions: Peb trek – Matheran, Rajmachi, Rajgad, Kalavantin, Harihar


August 15 Wednesday Independence Day
August 16 Thursday Take a leave
August 17 Friday Parsi New Year
August 18 – 19 Weekend Holiday

If you plan to take a trip with your bike/car, we suggest Lonavala – Pune – Malshej. Lonavala for obvious reasons. Make sure you visit the Tiger point. In Pune, feast on some great food and also visit Shreemant Dagdusheth Halwai Ganpati temple, if you have not.
Been to Malshej ghat before? No? Then go this year. August is great time of heavy rainfall and the drive is super beautiful.
Multiple waterfalls and winding roads with breathtaking scenery will be a treat.
If you plan to stay, book the MTDC resort. It has a Rock-on location.

If you want to try another ghat, you have the option of Tamhini. Tahmini ghat is a beautiful place and with better roads than Malshej. Lined with waterfalls, your experience will make you come back the next year. Here you travel Pune – Mulshi – Tamhini – Lonavala – Pune or whichever originating city.

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Same plan applies to the below holidays. This is the Raksha Bandhan week.

August 22 Wednesday Bakri Eid
August 23 Thursday Take a leave
August 24 Friday Take a leave
August 25 – 26 Weekend Holiday

Continue the weekend trekking mania you started in July, in August too.


September 01 – 02 Weekend Holiday
September 03 Monday Janmashtami

River rafting. Go to Kolad on this long weekend. White water rafting in the Kundalika river is an experience one must have. Apart from rafting, there are various other activities over there which totally make your day.

September 13 Thursday Ganesh Chaturthi
September 14 Friday Take a leave
September 15 – 16 Weekend Holiday

Head to Kaas plateau either in this long weekend or the next one. The flower bloom is at its best in the last 2 weeks of September.
If you do go to Satara, also visit Thoseghar, Chalkewadi and the impregnable Ajinkyatara fort.

Read more: Route: Kaas – Thoseghar – Chalkewadi – Patan – Chiplun – Poladpur

September 21 Friday Muharram
September 22 – 23 Weekend Holiday

If you are done with Kaas the previous year and want to try something new. We recommend a trek to Kalsubai. Kalsubai being the highest peak in Maharashtra, stands at a height of 1646m. Thats quite something. We would generally recommend Kalsubai as a New year trekking destination, but be here once in monsoon and you will know how beautiful it is. Be ready for harsh rains and cloud cover and a trek to remember.
Another option would be to visit Upper Vaitarna reservoir. This is a beautiful place. Just a strip of road and huge water bodies on either sides. If it is raining heavily in September, we would suggest Vaitarna later in October or November.


September 29 – 30 Weekend Holiday
October 1 Monday Muharram
October 2 Tuesday Gandhi Jayanti

Use this week for a visit to Raigad fort. This is the best time to travel in the Ropeway. The clouds are there but it wont rain much. The valley views are clear.
We recommend a stay at Raigad fort, either in your tent or in the only resort at the top.

October 18 Thursday Dussehra
October 19 Friday Take a leave
October 20 – 21 Weekend Holiday

You might have probably heard of Dudhsagar waterfalls in Goa. If not, head to Goa and visit this place. Its a bit far, but reachable by forest department taxis and also by trek.
We recommend the Taxi though. You generally don’t get to travel in a 4wd vehicle through forest and rivers.
Dudhsagar will be a one day affair. So, if you reach Goa on 18th, stay at south Goa on a beach like Agonda or Palolem. On friday get this Dudhsagar done to avoid the weekend crowd.
Chill in Goa for rest of the 2 days. This time period might be a little hot compared to November, but also cheaper in terms of stay options. Also fish, sand and water mix well.


November 03 – 04 Weekend Holiday
November 05 Monday Dhanteras
November 06 Tuesday Naraka Chaturdashi
November 07 Wednesday Diwali
November 08 Thursday Take a leave
November 09 Friday Bhau Bij
November 10 – 11 Weekend Holiday

People would generally care to travel to their Native home in Diwali. However, if you are not one of them, we have a few suggestions for you.
Do the Ashtavinayak Ganpati Yatra. Either by bike or car. We are sure this would be a great trip.
Another option would be to travel by personal vehicle to each and every beach along the coastline till end of Goa. In these 9 days, we guarantee you would have the best time of your life if you choose to travel the Sagari-Mahamarg or Maharashtra State Highway MSH4. Most part of the highway is good with some bad patches here and there, but what it has to offer is beyond description.
Do check out this post Drive through coastal route Maharashtra from team-bhp for more information with great narrative and images.


December 22 – 23 Weekend Holiday
December 24 Monday Take a leave
December 25 Tuesday Christmas

If you are not from Mumbai, we assure you this is a great time to visit this city of Mumbai.
While everyone wants to party at this time of the year. We suggest you do something adventurous. Go to Sandhan Valley this December and go awestruck in the canyon and Konkankada.
End the new year (31st eve) in style with trekking and awesome photo-ops. Head to Ratangad. Rest is past year.

We have given you a few pointers on when-and-where to go.
If you do go, make sure you follow and tag your images to #movingmaratha on Instagram.
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