About Me

Hi, I am MovingMaratha. I was not born on some fort or a place of historic importance, but I usually travel on my bike in Maharashtra and being from Mumbai, I felt it didn’t harm calling myself MovingMaratha

For the love of Maharashtra, when it all started, the concept of MovingMaratha was to provide people with information regarding places to visit in Maharashtra on their own. The base of the concept was to provide details of roads and alternate roads and the places people usually miss in between from point A to B. However, things didn’t work as planned as this blog never really reached the desktop and mobile screens of my target audience

Meanwhile on my Job, as more salary poured in, I started visiting more near by states and then some off beat places within those states and then nearby countries. Most of them True-Solo or with a friend along

To be honest,
1: I shiver when I see a tempo traveller bringing in Hordes of people at a destination. Oh dear, please No!
2: Am I an Explorer? You will never know as I will not write about a new found place – NEVER. So please don’t expect you will learn new places on this blog. That is not going to happen

For what it’s worth, Welcome to MovingMaratha!

** All images you see on this blog are clicked by me.

** If you like some information on the blog, take screen shots. Do not print unless necessary


I will keep adding more information About Me on this page. That will keep this page updated at regular intervals and hopefully make you eager to know more about me and my travel stories since 2006