धोम डैम Dhom Dam

Short into:
Dhom Dam lake sits at the footsteps of Panchgani mountains. The lake area is almost similar to Bhandardara lake but more picturesque than the latter. Not much popular ‘yet’, this is a great place to spend your weekend.

Taluka: Wai
District: Satara
Distance: 10 km from Wai


Best time to visit:
Oct – Feb is a great time. However evenings on all days are great here.

What to see:
As you enter the area, you are greeted with views like these:

For a person who has been to Bhandardara lake before, this place would seem a lot similar.
The dam here is not Huge like Wilson dam but the lake area is windy and a pleasant climate in the evening creates a lovely atmosphere.
Unlike Bhandardara lake, the mountains here start right besides the lake. This natural setting is extemely scenic.


Motor boat rides are carried out here.
This place is great for all kinds of photography. Pre-wedding shoots and for the creative ones: its a place to propose.


In the below video you can see, the water is clean. Swimming is safe for children.

A tar village road circles the entire length of the lake. An early morning or early evening road trip of this 60km would be great.


Whats nearby:
The famous Maha Ganapati temple and more temples at Wai.
The world famous Panchgani hill station and Mahabaleshwar.

Travel Tips:
There are multiple hotels and resorts nearby for different budgets.
However, private camping can be done here and its probably one of the best place to camp.
Places that serve food are in-house to the hotels and resorts.
There is no ATM or fuel station nearby the lake. Wai is the nearest major town with ATM and Fuel station.
If you plan to camp privately, carry water and food. You can get stuff from Wai which is just 10km from here.
Carry sunscreen if you need.



Bonus Video: View from the boating point


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