Ancient Gifts from Gujarat : Rani ki Vav / Modhera


I didn’t knew of a place named Rani ki Vav up until a few months I saw some pictures of it on Instagram. Reading more on it made it an interesting place to visit

It seems the entire step well complex was buried under the slit of the Saraswati river in a flood. In late 1980s archaeologists dug out the entire thing and surprisingly; almost the entire site was well intact even when buried under the mud for so many years

How to reach Rani ki Vav:
Patan is the city where you need to be to visit Rani ki Vav

If you have a personal vehicle you can easily reach Patan from nearby major cities

If you wish to come by train, Mehsana is the major junction to get down. There are no direct trains to Patan

From Mumbai, you can take any of these below trains. They leave at mid night
22965 : Bandra T – Bhagat Ki Kothi SF Exp
12959 : Dadar – Bhuj SF Exp

You will reach Mehsana by 09:30 am

From Mehsana railway station take an auto-rickshaw to Radhanpur Circle. You can simply inform him that you need to go to Patan and he will drop you at the correct place. From here you will get Eeco cars to Patan on sharing basis. They are really cheap considering the hour long road trip

You can also walk from Mehsana railway station to Radhanpur Circle in case you don’t find an auto. Its barely 15 minutes

Don’t bother taking the Local Demu train from Mehsana to Patan. Those are not on time

The nearest major airport is Ahmedabad. You can easily get local transport or cabs to Patan from the airport

Just to clear the confusion:
Rani ki Vav is a step well in Patan and Adalaj step well is closer to Ahmedabad. Rani ki Vav is way more spectacular and less crowded

Top reasons to visit Rani ki Vav
– Built in the 11th century
– INDIA’s “Cleanest Iconic Place” in 2016
– It features on the new Rs 100 note
– More than 500 principle sculptures and over a thousand minor ones
– UNESCO World Heritage Site

My plan is to spend a weekend in Gujarat, exploring Rani ki Vav and any other nearby places. I will stay at a hotel in Patan and check out if there are any local dhabas to enjoy Kathiyavadi food. To be honest, I have no idea how to reach Patan from Mehsana

Day 1:
I took the 12959 train and reached Mehsana by 09:40 am. Now what? 😀
As nothing much was mentioned over the Internet, all I would do is ask people for some intel, hoping they would tell me about a bus or local train to Patan. The worse case and last hope will be to call the hotel and ask him to send a cab and make this trip extremely costly

I asked a railway official about the local Demu trains to Patan. He said that would come at 3:00 pm. Useless

I went to the West side of the railway station. Saw an auto-rickshaw coming. I asked him how can I get to Patan? He said sit, I will take you in this auto. Alarmed at his statement, I asked if he was joking. He laughed, said he will drop me at some Chowk (Circle) where I will get sharing Eeco car to Patan. Funny guy 😀
By 10:00 am I was inside the sharing Eeco waiting to get more passengers. Well all the anxiousness sorted with 20 minutes 🙂

I had pre-booked: The Grand Raveta for the night’s stay
There is another option Apple Residency for around the same rates. If you are looking for something cheaper go for: Hotel Tulsi

I reached the hotel by 11:30 am. The room was really good as if I was their first ever customer

Post lunch at their in-house restaurant, I slept. I didn’t like their food though

The train journey was a bit of headache. I would recommend not to overload Rani ki Vav trip in one day if you come by train. Better stay the night so you get some rest

Tip: If you come by train, make sure to have confirmed berths. The journey is a bit tiring and RAC tickets are not recommended

At 4:00 pm, I got ready to roll. I went down, took an auto-rickshaw to Rani ki Vav. The guy charged me INR 80

I reached there in 20 mins or so and was surprised to see a huge lawn + garden + highly clean environment + Wait… Where is Rani ki Vav. That’s when I realized, its a step well, its underground

The step well is beautiful. A lovely architecture and great detailed work on the pillars and the sculptures. I wont bore you with the history and any more details. Check out the below images




There are probably 7 levels to this step well. As it is a fragile structure, you are allowed to descend to top 3 levels


The place is like a mini golf course. It is really well maintained or may be people of Gujarat are better in maintaining cleanliness


When coming back I saw a Dhaba right in front of the hotel road named Lily Vadi

In case you don’t like the ambiance of Lily Vadi, there is another dining place Hotel Asopalav besides it and a pizza cafe too. These are some places to eat in Patan

The food at Lily Vadi was mouth watering. I don’t have photos but I tried Ringan bharta, some Lasun sabji, Bajra Roti with white jaggery. Nice glass of Butter Milk to finish it all. I had to take a few rounds below my hotel to absorb the food overload
NOTE: You “might not” like the food here. You need to be a foodie to like the food and not bother about the ambiance or a mosquito running above your head

Day 2:
The day was cloudy. I went out to feel the fresh air. Clueless what to do today, I asked an auto-rickshaw person of anything to see nearby apart from Rani ki Vav. He informed go to Modhera; there is a beautiful Surya Mandir (Sun Temple)

I came back to my hotel, checked the images of Modhera Sun temple and yeah, I am heading there. Modhera is also nearby to Mehsana. My return train in the evening is from Mehsana ( 19708 : Amrapur Aravali Express ). That helps!

Reaching Modhera from Patan was not straightforward. I had to take the sharing Eeco till Chanasma and from there a State bus to Modhera

Did I say earlier that people of Gujarat are really good at maintaining cleanliness. Modhera too was clean and neat and I didn’t hesitate to lie down on the lawn for some time


The place is super cool and the cloudy environment gave a plus to photography. Sadly there is nothing to eat here, just an ice cream parlor. Have a heavy breakfast or lunch when you come here

The temple has no idol and no worship is offered here. Check out the below images





After spending a lot of time at Modhera I headed back towards Mehsana. Luckily I got a sharing Eeco to Mehsana just outside the ticket counter

Both these places: Rani ki Vav and Modhera Sun temple are highly recommended. Reaching here, the stay and the food is economical plus its easily doable over the weekend and off course the cleanliness

Tip: Come in a group of friends and you will really enjoy both the places. The best time to visit Rani ki Vav and Modhera is post monsoon till February

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