अजिंक्यतारा Ajinkyatara

Short into:
Ajinkyatara fort is a place not to be missed while you are in Satara. An easy trek or a complete drive to the top of the fort will provide outstanding city views.

Taluka: Satara
District: Satara
Distance: 3 km from Satara


Best time to visit:
Monsoon and Winter: July – Feb. For a beautiful view of the city and the surrounding mountains, post monsoon to winter end is the best time.

Easy. There is a motorable road to the fort, this makes the road a picnic zone as well.

What to see:
Satara is a beautiful city. It is surrounded by mountains and thus the climate stays cool almost 10 months of the year.
With that said, the views offered from Ajinkyatara fort are magnificent. The sunrise/sunset views are unbeatable and the city seems like a flower bed below this fort.


There is a Hanuman temple inside the fort which can take in 10-12 people.
One can utilize every corner of the motorable road as a picnic spot.
Locals generally use this road for jogging or cycling.


Go here on your own:
Ajinkyatara is a fort to go on your own.
Reach Satara city either by train / bus / car and then reach Adalat wada. Thats it.
There is a motorable road right till the entrance of the fort. From Satara, you can go here in your car, bike, motorbike and best by walk.
An autorickshaw might also take you up.

Whats nearby:
Kaas plateau – the monsoon flower blooming plateau which no longer needs any introduction.
Thoseghar waterfalls – One of India’s highest
Chalkewadi – Home to thousands of windmills.

Travel Tips:
Carry water and food. There is no stall or small hotel to provide you with food / water.
There is no need to book this trek via a trekking group. You can do it easily on your own.
Kindly consider the environment and DO NOT throw any kind of garbage. Carry it along with you. This is NOT a place for party. NO consumption of Alcohol here.

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