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Short into:
Located at a distance of 1917km from Mumbai, lies this Heritage site: “Valley of Flowers”. Oops wait, this is not Valley of Flowers in Uttarakhand we are talking about. This is Maharashtra’s Kaas Plateau.
Located near Satara (283km from Mumbai) and equally beautiful in some aspects to the magical one in Uttarakhand, this place is too a Heritage site to witness flower bloom from Sep – Oct.

Taluka: Satara
District: Satara
Distance: 26 km from Satara

Best time to visit:
To witness the flower bloom, one needs to go here in Sep – Oct. The best time is last 2 weeks of September. However this can be affected by the monsoon in that particular year. For rest of the monsoon time, you may not see the flowers but the views along the Kaas road are stunning. Best time other than flowering season: Aug – Feb.

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DO’s and DONT’s at Kaas Plateau:
This is NOT a picnic place. In no way are you allowed to throw anything here. No spitting too.
If you are tired, DO NOT SIT on the grass or on the flowers. Find some rock or totally barren patch if you need to sit.
One must not step on the flowers even by mistake. They have provided paths to walk.
Listen to the security person. Do not go where restricted.
Do not pluck or touch the flowers, not even 1. More than 1500 varieties of flowers that grow here are found NO-WHERE else in the world. Please think about this.
Any method of photography that does not impact any flower is Ok.
Don’t let your kids run around. This is an Ecological sensitive region and not a park.
If you think Kaas plateau is a weekend fun zone / park / picnic spot. Please avoid coming here.

What to see:
In the flowering season, one can get to see many species of flowers. The size of the entire flower can be as small as your last finger nail.
Depending on the bloom status, the entire plateau can be seen pink or yellow or blue or any other color not yet seen.
The parking though is very far Parking Map Pointer. Buses run to-fro plateau to parking at INR 10/person. You can even choose to walk this 1km path.
7am and 4pm slots are great to be here. Early for less crowd. Late for sunset.

Please do check this beautiful page by Mr. Ganesh Shankar: kaas_plateau_of_flowers
These images are surely going to make you travel to Kaas next monsoon.

Whats nearby:
Thoseghar is beautiful option to go to from monsoon till December. One of India’s highest waterfall.
Chalkewadi is a windmill farm with thousands of windmills and outstanding valley views. Great for 1 day picnic.
Sajjangad fort.

Travel Tips:
Please refer the website: kas.ind.in
This is a government run website that gives information when the flowering season starts and ends.
The website allows you to buy tickets online. However, it is not required. You can go there directly and can buy the tickets.
Four slots in a day 7am 10am 1pm 4pm.
There is no ATM in this entire region. ATM is only available at Satara. Also, majority of the hotels here do not accept cards. Bring in Cash while coming to Kaas.
There is no Fuel station nearby, not even near Sajjangad Fort, Thoseghar or Chalkewadi. The nearest fuel station will be at Satara or Patan.
You need to carry water while at the plateau. Food items are not available nor should you bring anything here to eat.
Apart from the plateau, the Kaas road is a treat to your eyes. Dams / Lakes on either side. Beautiful valleys and mountain slopes.
Great photo-op place.
Kindly consider the environment and DO NOT throw any kind of garbage. Carry it along with you. Dispose when you find dustbins.
Use your own vehicle.

Hotel Options:
Many options but mostly on the higher budget side. If you plan to stay, which you must, Pre-booking during the flowering bloom is a good idea.

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