Kaas – Thoseghar – Chalkewadi – Patan – Chiplun – Poladpur

Route:   Kaas – Thoseghar – Chalkewadi – Patan – Chiplun – Poladpur

Every time I was near Satara, I saw those windmills far away – some where – busy all day – rotating their blades. This time I had decided to go visit them at their base. This place is known as Chalkewadi and can be reached from Thoseghar, one of India’s highest waterfalls.

Best time to visit:
Avoid summers at all cost. Post monsoon till Feb will be the best time. Can also be visited in peak monsoon July – Aug.

After visiting Kaas the day before, it was now time to see Chalkewadi. As Thoseghar comes in the way, I decided to have a stop there as well. The road to Thoseghar from the tunnel entry in the outskirts of Satara is one of the best roads to ride in Maharashtra. The good condition of the road adds more to the beauty of the mountain curves and the valley views.

Below video of Thoseghar Ghat road

After I was done with Thoseghar, I started on the road to Chalkewadi. But I was about to witness a lot of pain now. The road was poor. It got very troublesome to ride this stony road till Patan. However, I saw windmills, many many many of them. They were everywhere, watching and laughing at me as rode like that right below their nose. I had never seen a windmill before, except on TV. They are huge and each blade weighs tons. I wished the road was good, it would have been an even better experience here. The thought of stopping and taking some good pictures of the outstanding valley views was completely ruled out by the bad road.

Below image of Thoseghar falls

Things were not going to get better. I felt the road from Patan to Chiplun would be good. It turned out to be full of potholes and them being big ones. Cars and bikes all had a very bad time.
After Chiplun, I was finally able to go beyond 60kmph. After Khed, the next ghat roads were in bad shape with gravel and potholes. But the mountain views were amazing. A blue hue all over them. I have never seen anything like that in Maharashtra. This is the Kashedi Ghat. This route is very scenic and the roads need to be maintained well by the concerned government bodies.

Below video of Kashedi Ghat

This has been the most tiring journey for me in Maharashtra. The roads were so worse, my plans of visiting Raigad Fort were scrapped as I was not able to cover enough distance before 5pm. The authorities really need to work on building better roads at least on the highway NH-66.
Mobile network is present here.

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