कळसूबाई Kalsubai

Short into:
Towering from within Bari village, stands this mighty mountain overlooking Sahyadris at 1646m. Famed for being the highest peak of Maharashtra; this is Mt. Kalsubai.

Taluka: Akole
District: Ahmednagar
Distance: 32 km from Igatpuri

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Best time to visit:
Monsoon and Winter: July – Feb. Summer will be extremely hot to trek.

Easy-Medium. This is not a picnic zone or leisure tour.

Below timelapse video at the top of Kalsubai at 06:50 am, people having fun with sunrise captures

What to see:
Few years back, the trek path didn’t have stairs (stone/concrete). These have been put up at some of the steep patches. Though it has taken away a bit of the thrill to climb the steep gradient, reaching the top still remains a memorable feat.
Even with the steps, Kalsubai is not an easy trek. One needs to climb 1.6km and sometimes the weather is harsh.
At the top of the summit stands a pretty but small Kalsubai Devi temple.
There is no cover or cave here to take shelter. Also, this is just a peak and no fort here.
Apart from monsoon months, from the top one can see a beautiful sunrise/sunset and views of Arthur Lake. Superb views of the horizon would start appearing after you complete half the trek.

Below video from the top of kalsubai

One must consider a night trek to Kalsubai. (Night trek to Kalsubai would be a better idea if you have climbed in the day time at least once)
Before the ascent for a night trek:
– arrange for a guide if you have never been to Kalsubai before.
– just talk to the locals if its a good idea on that particular evening to climb the peak. As the locals have been living there for years, they know the climate better than any search/weather engine can tell us.
– arrange for dinner if you don’t bring your own stuff.
– carry thick clothing. at such elevation, it will be cold, very cold.
– There is nothing at the top to stay or to cover your head. There is a flat area near the well (not much far from the summit), where you can put your sleeping bags or light a fire and sing along till morning come.

Below video at a tea-snacks stall along the trek path

Go here on your own:
Going to Kalsubai on your own is the easiest. Start your bike/car early in the morning, take the Nashik highway (if you come from Thane) and reach Bari village. Bari is the base village for Kalsubai.
It should not take you more than 4 hours to reach here. You can park your vehicle along the road side. Don’t worry about it. Its safe.
Hire a cab right from your home – affordable for a group of more than 10 people.

If you don’t have a vehicle
Travel by late night train to Igatpuri (general class coach). You would have to spend the night at Igatpuri railway station or the ST bus stand just 5min away.
The first bus is at 5.00am. Tell the conductor: Kalsubai or Bari village. Once you reach Bari, have some tea/poha at the shop along the Main road or inside the village.
If you think its cold at this hour, it surely is. Start your ascent.
A guide would not be necessary during day trek.
While returning, you can surely get a share taxi till Kasara (or may be you can change at Ghoti then at Igatpuri then Kasara). From here you can catch the Mumbai local train.

Whats nearby:
Bhandardara is a great spot nearby.
Dehna/Dehene is a picturesque village to be in monsoon.
Other nearby treks include Ratangad, Harishchandragad, Sandhan Valley.

Travel Tips:
Carry water and some light snacks.
Locals can arrange for your lunch / dinner at the top or at their home at Bari village.
There is no need to book this trek via a trekking group. You can do it easily on your own.
If you plan to go here in monsoon, be prepared for harsh rains and strong winds. You probably wont get a chance to use a camera in monsoon (July – Aug).
Kindly consider the environment and DO NOT throw any kind of garbage. Carry it along with you. This is NOT a place for party. NO consumption of Alcohol here.

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