You are here as you wish to travel the Mumbai – Lonavala / Pune route by bike and probably for the first time.

There are 2 exits you need to take while moving from Mumbai to Pune.

Exit 1: This is the exit at Kamothe. Here is where you should NOT enter the ExpressWay. Do not enter as you will be fined and also forced to turn back and take the nearest exit out of the ExpressWay.

Refer the below location where you need to go down the highway at Kamote and follow the Old Mumbai – Goa highway. You will cross through Chowk and Khopoli and then to Lonavala.


Exit 2: Keep following this route even after Khopoli.

The below marked point is where you can easily miss the Old road and enter the ExpressWay. This is an easy miss but you WONT be fined if you get on the ExpressWay.


By using this road you have below benefits:
– You wont have to enter any tunnel or the ExpressWay. The tunnel can be a pain if you are wearing sunglasses. Sudden darkness.
– You will avoid the frequent police check if you go up the blue line. They will check your license and documents.
– Its actually a shortcut.

You will end up on Amrutanjan Bridge: Map Pointer. This is the place where you will find corn and lemon water. Oh and yes, some outstanding view of the mountains and the ExpressWay. Beware of monkeys though. While coming from Pune you will need to use the same route in the other direction.

Apart from this, the Ghat road after Khopoli is a good place for new bikers to learn ghat road riding.

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