Poladpur – Panchad – Raigad – Nizampur – Mahad – Thane

Route:   Poladpur – Panchad – Raigad – Nizampur – Mahad – Thane

What fascinates a traveller is multiple routes to a single place. Raigad Fort (base village for parking: Hirkanwadi) is one such place where you can enter from Mahad on NH 66 and leave to Nizampur on NH 66 via Panchad or vice-versa. Apart from that, to reach the fort you can either trek in easy or difficult mode OR take the Ropeway.

Best time to visit:
July – Feb will be decent time to be on this route.

Why am I starting from Poladpur is because you get a tempting veg and non-veg thali at Hotel Ruchi at the junction. Its a small road side restaurant right opposite the petrol pump on NH 66. Be there if hungry and let us know in the comments section below.

The ride from Poladpur to Panchad village was pleasant. These village roads were in good condition. I had to reach Raigad Fort using the Ropeway that goes all the way to the top.
The final leg to reach Panchad is in bad shape. The road is like destroyed by a Thor fight. After parking my bike at Hirkanwadi, I took the ropeway ticket and waited for my turn.
Once near the ropeway final waiting line, I saw the cable car disappearing in the clouds. Though scary but that was something now. They said 6 minutes to reach the top. These were the 6 minutes of my life I have counted. Hirkanwadi was getting smaller as we gained altitude. The cable car takes max. 6 passengers. I was placed besides a kid. He was like “meh” all the time. The government needs to do something to stop kids feeling “meh” in a ropeway. I had to force him to act scared, which he didn’t do so well. At the last 1 minute, the cable car rocks. I mean it shakes as if you rode on multiple speed breakers and that is very exciting.

Below video of Ropeway while coming down from Raigad fort station to Hirkanwadi village station

While leaving I took the route towards Nizampur. This was a splendid ride. Beautiful village roads passing through grass lands and an occasional house. This is one road I didnt want to wear the helmet on and instead soak in the beauty of it. But no matter what, always a helmet while riding.

To read more about Raigad Fort and the Ropeway, Click Here.

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