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MovingMaratha Privacy Policy
Personal Data Security is a serious concern, across the world. At MovingMaratha, we value the Trust of our Customers above anything and its necessary for any business to grow.
We make use of highly secured platforms like WordPress, Google and Facebook for all our content, our promotions, communications and payments.
By accessing our website: and utilizing our services, you acknowledge that you have read and understood this Privacy Policy.
If you do not agree to any point mentioned below, we request you to stop using our site.
At any point of time, you can choose to opt out of receiving any emails or any kind of communication from us.
For any questions or concerns, please contact us:

Personal data: What is being collected?
Personal data at MovingMaratha refers to your name, residence, email id, contact numbers, date of birth, Govt ID number. Personal data at MovingMaratha does not contain storage of any kind of financial information eg: Credit / Debit Card details / Virtual Payment Interface (collectively referred to as Bank account details).
The Govt ID number is only used a means to identify a person as an Indian National and this information is stored in an encrypted format. It also is a one-time thing referred to as getting Registered with MovingMaratha
The website or the Facebook page does not have any screen/page which demands or collects your Bank Collect Details without your knowledge.
In Future, if any such page / screen is created, the Privacy Policy will be updated.
For now, all payments are handled directly with the MovingMaratha Team through secure methods like Google Pay / PayTM / Net Banking Transfer.

Personal data: When is it being collected?
Your personal data is only collected when you confirm your presence for an event with MovingMaratha. This is collected using secure Google Forms.

Personal data: How is it being used?
Your personal data is used to send you notifications on new events organized by MovingMaratha. This will be done via Gmail or Whataspp. Your personal data will also be used to provide you with membership benefits / loyalty program if you wish to enroll for the same.

Personal data: With whom it is Shared?
No one outside of MovingMaratha team will have any kind of access to your personal data.

Personal data: Where and for how long is it stored?
Your personal data is stored on secure servers used and owned by MovingMaratha. We do not use the CMS database to keep your data on the Internet. In this way, the only people who have access to your personal data would always be the Core MovingMaratha team. The Backup of the data will be retained on Disks which are also owned by MovingMaratha and not by any third party
Your personal data will stay with us as long as MovingMaratha is operational in its current form of business. If there is any change to the mode of business or the privacy policy gets altered heavily, all users will be informed by email for their confirmation on their data to be retained.

Personal data: Where is it displayed?
Your personal data is not displayed on any screen on the website. Neither is there any plan to display it in the Future.
There is no connectivity of the website with our data server.
If you are a member of MovingMaratha, you can always request us by email, to provide the details of your personal data stored with us.

Personal data: How is it Protected?
The transmission of data over the Internet cannot be considered 100% secure. This is prime reason, MovingMaratha does not use any screen/page on to collect data from its users. We leverage the use of tech Giant Google and use their Google Forms to collect your personal information. The Google Forms are configured not to send out responses directly to the email Ids. MovingMaratha team manually “only authorized team members” checks out the responses everyday. This makes the process more secure.

Privacy Policy: Notifications of modifications or changes?
Small updates to the Privacy Policy may happen time to time based on new Laws / Restrictions. In such cases, users will “not” be notified and we request our users to read the privacy policy on a regular basis. If any modifications to the privacy policy are not acceptable, the user can terminate use of our services.

Privacy Policy: Sharing of User Content
If you submit a post to MovingMaratha by any means, you grant us the permission to use the media for any purpose. However, in such case, MovingMaratha will make sure that credits are given to the user. When you submit any post to MovingMaratha, you agree that the submission is “your work” and it does not violate any laws / policies / regulations directly or with any third party.

Privacy Policy: Data transfer
MovingMaratha is based in Mumbai, Maharashtra, INDIA. All user personal data stays within the country. Absolutely no user data is transmitted over seas from the MovingMaratha server.

Privacy Policy: EU data laws
This is not applicable as all our users are residents of India. However if a user requests, all applicable Rights as per the Indian law and policies will be granted.

We currently don’t use any temporary or permanent cookies from There are also no Advertisements on However, even if cookies do get used in the future, users can be assured of that; Cookies do not contain any of your personal information. Cookies are saved on the users device and not on the website’s server. Tehy can be easily cleared through the Internet browser.

Advertisements on the website
We do not use third party advertisements on our website. This is done to encourage a good user experience, faster page loads and the most important point: to provide users what they came for. Your visit to MovingMaratha should remain only to extract travel related information.

Affiliate Program
MovingMaratha does leverage the use of direct affiliate program from major reputed organizations. This is done by embedding deep links within the readable content. This is primarily done to help you plan your travel better. Once you click on any such link, you move to the third party website and MovingMaratha policies are not applicable on those third party screens.

As a user of MovingMaratha, you further acknowledge that we may provide you certain information deemed Confidential by us. You agree that you shall not disclose such confidential information in any way. Also, even though your information is confidential, if legally required it might be shared to appropriate legal authorities.

Disclaimer and the content of, its Facebook page, Youtube channel and any other portal we own is the property of MovingMaratha team. We built it to help travelers to get information / suggestions / recommendations / participate in events conducted by MovingMaratha team. If this in any way is not agreeable to you, we request you not to use any of our services.