Pune – Junnar – Malshej Ghat – Murbad – Thane

Route:   Pune – Junnar – Malshej Ghat – Murbad – Thane

Roads in Maharashtra are best to drive on; specially in monsoon. But there is one such route which has gained the highest popularity and for the right reasons. This is the Malshej Ghat. It connects Mumbai with Junnar/Sangamner/Ahmednagar and also serves as an alternate route to connect Pune with Mumbai and Pune with Nashik. Apart from the connectivity, in monsoon; it’s a great picnic spot and a photographers paradise.

Best time to visit:
Aug – Feb will be the best time.

Been driven the Pune – Mumbai highway multiple times, it was time for a change. It was monsoon season. I could think of no better place than to cross the Malshej Ghat.
From Pune, the road is quite normal till Junnar. Like a typical Maharashtra road with some villages and small hills here and there. After Junnar, the real fun begins. The roads are now a property of the Sahyadri mountains. I was amazed at a point where an inclined road passes through a rock cut. The road ahead was not visible for some point of time and it opened up to a view like in the video below.

This place is marked in maps at: Shri Ganesh Mandir, Ganesh Khind. From here I could see the massive Pimpalgaon Joga dam. Nature was blasting every shade of blue and green. What a view!


Further ahead the road keeps on displaying better views with each passing km. I was now at the place where a waterfall was being enjoyed by many people. Several hawkers selling various items on their stalls here. A little ahead is the rock cut tunnel – one of the most famous attraction of Malshej Ghat. Just outside of its opening is a waterfall which is termed by many as the Natural car wash. In heavy rains, it can wash a State Bus is a matter of seconds.


There are many viewpoints along this road and places for photography and selfie points.
If you plan to stay at Malshej ghat you can visit the Shivneri fort around 40 km from here.

After spending some time there, I continued ahead towards Kalyan. It was obvious that after the ghat ends, the road would be less attractive. But contrary to my belief, it turned out; the road is beautiful till Murbad. Completely lined with tree cover on both sides, the road caters to a bikers delight.


One needs to be careful in extreme rainy days. The Malshej Ghat road is prone to landslides and the visibility is very poor.
A ride on this route for a biker is a must.
Mobile network is present here.

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