पुरूषवाडी Purushwadi

Short into:
Every year, millions of fireflies twinkling around, wait for you after the first rain showers. Purushwadi is their well known home and witnessing such natural phenomenon is something in itself.

Taluka: Akole
District: Ahmednagar
Distance: 33 km from Bhandardara

Best time to visit:
After the first rain showers. Ideally in the month of June, first 2-3 weeks. The fireflies live for a short span and lay eggs. Once heavy rains start pouring, these little insects no longer make it.

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What to see:
Millions of Fireflies obviously.
The best time to see them in abundance is just after the first rain showers. This would be the last week of May till first 2 weeks of June.
If your mission is to only see the fireflies, make sure you have a hotel booking at Bhandardara. Leave at around 5.30pm for Purushwadi. Purushwadi is accessible through Rajur as seen in the map below. In such case, a beautiful Sun awaits for you, calling it a day and going behind the Sahyadris.

Once your reach there, wait for darkness to cover the sky near the fields with big trees. Switch off your head lights and torches and you will be greeted with millions of fireflies dancing and having great time with their female counterparts.
The light emitted by the firefly is a soft light, it doesn’t burn. You can even hold the firefly on your palms and be happy about it when it glows.

Travel Tips:
The road from Rajur to Purushwadi has sharp turns and ups and downs. A biker should be careful; specially while returning at night to Bhandardara.
It is recommended to stay at Bhandardara instead of returning at night. Nashik highway is not the best place to be at night.
This is no “festival” as advertised. This is a natural phenomenon. Please don’t think fireflies are being called here and they burst crackers, drink wine or something.
There is no ATM here. Nearest Fuel station is at Rajur.
You need to carry water and some food if required. Carry jackets as the nights are cold.
If darkness doesn’t bother you, standing among a million fireflies can light up your world for good. We would like to feature this place in Place to propose.
While returning, don’t be afraid as the road is pretty dark. There is surely someone coming or going through this road. If your vehicle is stuck or something, be assured help will come.
Mobile networks are very weak. Almost 0.
Kindly consider the environment and DO NOT throw any kind of garbage. Carry it along with you. Dispose when you find dustbins.

Hotel Options:
You can find hotels in Bhandardara. It would be very difficult for a person going on their own to find any accommodation in Purushwadi.
MTDC Bhandardara has a bang on location. Make sure you pre-book it online.

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