रायगड किल्ला Raigad Fort

Short into:
An enormous fort with breath-taking views of the valleys and mountains. Its the only place in Maharashta with a Ropeway connection. The engineering of the fort is the pride of the Maratha Kingdom.

Taluka: Raigad
District: Raigad
Distance: 30 km from Nizampur


Best time to visit:
For a trekker, it doesn’t matter. For a person opting for Ropeway, October – Feb is the best time.
Avoid Apr – June. It will be very hot.
There is no better experience if your ropeway cable car starts shaking due to bad weather 😀

Easy by Ropeway and Medium by Trek. This is not a picnic zone or leisure tour.

What to see:
History of this fort is very important. However, I won’t mention the history and importance of each point on the fort. There are guides available on the fort who can take you to all the points (13 probably) and explain about everything.
Next important thing, Ropeway. Ropeway is something very uncommon and its 1st experience would surely be mind-blowing. Its safe and thrilling.
There are 2 statues of Shivaji Maharaj here and their Samadhi to the very end.



If you can visualize the grandness of the fort; you cannot believe the engineering and the architecture without modern technology at that time (1670s something).
A beautiful Gangasagar lake just besides the Holicha Mal.
Best way to enjoy the fort would be to stay here at the only MTDC approved resort on top of the fort and get a guide. See the sunrise, sunset and the outstanding valley views and go crazy about it.

Below video of Raigad Fort premises

Travel Tips: (General)
This fort is like a temple of the Maratha Kingdom. Kindly respect the place. This is where the King lived.
Camping can be done here.
If not camping, you can always stay in the temples inside the fort or at the Raigad Fort Resort. Affordable and the only stay option on the fort.
There are no ATM on top of the fort. Make sure you fuel you tank before you enter the Raigad Natural Reserve. Many Fuel stations are available on NH-66.
Water and veg / non-veg food will be available on request from the local people. Plenty of options available at Hirkanwadi village.
Never let go of your kids on the Fort. Don’t let them run here and there.
Try to avoid being on the fort between 11am – 2pm on a bright sunny day. It will be very tiring to walk in the overhead Sun.
Trekking is easy however be careful in Monsoon. Surface gets slippery.
Kindly consider the environment and DO NOT throw any kind of garbage. Carry it along with you. This is NOT a place for party. NO consumption of Alcohol here.

Travel Tips: (For Ropeway)
The ticket booking office for the Ropeway accepts Cash and Cards. The Internet network is slow and sometimes not reliable. Card payments take lot of time. Kindly use Cash for booking tickets to speed up your and others ticket booking.
You can opt for Return ticket or a Single way ticket. Senior citizens have some concession.
You need to fill up a form (like Railway ticket booking) and provide details of all along with you in the form.
Go on weekdays. On weekends and popular holidays, expect a line time of 20-30 min for purchasing the ticket and 1-2 hours waiting before you get in to the Ropeway.
Carry water before you step in the Ropeway.
Keep your cameras ready for awesome valley views once the Ropeway starts. It takes 6mins to reach the top using a Ropeway.
Vehicle parking facility with parking ticket is available in plenty near the Ropeway booking station.

Hotel Options:
One can stay on the fort inside the temples or camp somewhere or stay in the above mentioned resort.
Apart from this, the villagers at the base villages and near the ropeway base station can provide you with great budget options and tasty home cooked food.

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