Thane – Igatpuri – Bhandardara – Rajur – Purushwadi

Route:   Thane – Igatpuri – Bhandardara – Rajur – Purushwadi

A famous route in Maharashtra towards Bhandardara and also the one; that takes you to meet a million fireflies. There is nothing more to say.

Best time to visit:
The right time to actually see a “million” fireflies is just after the first showers of rain and 2-3 weeks from it. This will be end of May to first 3 weeks of June. Apart from that, the route to Bhandardara/Purushwadi is a year round treat.

I was done with all the potholes in the Thane – Kalyan stretch (they never seem to go away, Y-o-Y) and now I was riding on a smooth tarmac. This is the Mumbai – Nashik Highway and now the mountains were looking at me, talking to each other: “He is here!”.

The Nashik highway is beautiful in the day. The road is superb and always there is some mountain looking at you and welcoming you. I have driven this route in all seasons and at all times of the day. I have seen a beautiful sunset, a sunrise, scary nights, insane rain and faced extreme temperatures.

Below video of Kasara Ghat towards Igatpuri:

After crossing the Kasara Ghat; I moved towards Igatpuri. The road is superb to ride on as seen in the below video.

Once you take the exit for the Bhandardara road, the State Highway is in OK condition. However, as you are very near to the Sahyadris, it ride is terrific.

A scenic section after the bridge towards Shendi.

In the evening, I visited the Arthur lake and took some deep breaths of fresh air. Fully charged, I set off to Purushwadi. Through twists and turns on the hilly road, the destination was near. It was getting dark and already 1-2 fireflies could be seen here and there. I left my bike beside some field and continued my path on foot. What was seen in the next 5 mins or so, was unbelievable. They were so many of them on a tree. Flying and showing off their light. I was standing among uncountable fireflies. Now they were everywhere; on the trees, in the grass and some resting on the ground. They don’t make any sounds. It a silent show of small lights everywhere.

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The road from Bhandardara to Purushwadi has been in good condition all these years. There is no or limited internet connectivity on this road. Either download the maps beforehand or ask for directions.

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I personally feel one must visit Purushwadi along with a stay at Bhandardara. Its like 2 targets with 1 bullet. Also, do it by yourself. There is no need to book a tour or something unless you want to indulge in village activities.
Mobile network might not be present near Purushwadi. needs to cover more Routes, Hit Contribute to know more.

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