Malvan : Fish, Fort and Fun


We were both bored. We both wanted to click some pictures. My bike was staring at me. It wanted to go somewhere. We both decided to go to Malvan for the much needed beach break

How to reach Malvan:
Just in case you are wondering what is Malvan. Malvan is major town in the Sindhudurg district of Maharashtra. If you want to do Scuba diving/Snorkeling, visit the Sindhudurg Sea Fort, enjoy the beautiful Chivla beach and gorge on delicious sea food, Malvan is where you stay

The best way to reach Malvan is by your personal vehicle

Apart from that, if you start from Mumbai, take the night train: Konkan Kanya Express / 10111 and get down at Kudal next day at around 9:00 am. From Kudal, you will easily get transport (auto/cab/ST bus) to Malvan. There you are in Malvan right at Check-In time

The nearest airport is at Goa, but it makes no sense to go to Goa and then to Malvan. In a few years, the under construction airport at Chipi will be operational and you can easily reach Malvan by air


Where to stay in Malvan:
Chivla Beach is a real nice peaceful place to stay in Malvan. There are many home stays here at affordable prices with all basic amenities you will need. If you are looking for High End resorts with a little night life, head to Tarkarli

My plan is a long one. I cannot do Malvan in one shot. NH-66 is still under construction, so I will take the Mumbai – Pune – Kolhapur highway, stay at Panhala and then leave for Malvan the next day

The Ride:
From Mumbai to Panhala, the ride was smooth. I decided to stay in Panhala for the night. The hotel was right besides Someshwar Lake in Panhala and seemed fairly new. If you go to Panhala, check out: Hotel Magadh

Hotel Magadh was a decent place for a night and I would recommend you to stay there. They cooked really nice chicken and mutton dishes and the stay was very comfortable

Next day I left for Malvan. I had two options. Either go from Gaganbawda or from Phondaghat. I made a huge mistake by going through Phondaghat. Of all the roads I have taken my bike on, Radhanagri – Phondaghat is the most horrible road. It is a shame to my state of Maharashtra. The only good thing about this road is the Radhanagri forest

Still around 80km to Malvan

It was a huge relief for me once I reached Kankavali. Thanks to the Duke 390. It is a very comfortable bike for the rider on such roads. My relief didn’t last long. After Kasal to Malvan at many places, the road was not good. Already tired, I somehow managed to reach Malvan

I had pre-booked my stay at Hotel Rosary House. This is a very nice place. They have many hammocks here and it is very peaceful. Looking at my face, the person managing the hotel, asked me to check-in to the room first and do the register formalities later. He asked if I had lunch. I had already had lunch at Kankavli so I only needed a bath at the moment. After a quick bath, I slept for an hour

Where to eat in Malvan:
I tried 2 restaurants. Atithi Bamboo and Laukik. Atithi Bamboo is a restaurant, almost everyone will recommend you. They prepare lip smacking fish dishes and the prices are super cheap. While I write this, I feel I must go back to Malvan and have a hot surmai fry. Atithi Bamboo is best suited for all as they have a huge seating area. They also serve a really good Vegetarian Thali

Another place as I mentioned is Laukik. Laukik is a small place around 10% of what Atithi Bamboo is. However, the food is superb here as well. Laukik is a home kitchen whereas Atithi Bamboo is more of a large kitchen place. But the Fish was best at both places

Pomfret Thali at Laukik

PRO Tip:
If you are a larger group, make sure you reach these places before the normal Lunch / Dinner time. Else keep waiting. Both the places get full at peak time

The best time for the best fish: November – April. At this time, you will get all the fish varieties and the taste (quality) will be super awesome. This time is also great for Dolphin watching, Scuba diving / Snorkeling Plus the pleasant weather

Things to do in Malvan:
Quick Glance to Malvan (HD / 4K)


If you have been a fan of Malvani food restaurants in Mumbai / Pune, then the most important thing to do in Malvan, is to eat Malvani food. Don’t worry if you are a Vegetarian. The Veg preparations are equally tasty. After all “Ukdiche Modak” is the prime speciality of the Malvan area

Chill at Chivla beach. This is a crescent shaped beach (like Palolem beach in Goa) with life guards available. Swimming can be done. There is hardly any crowd here from Mon – Sat. This is a very clean beach so take away the trash you bring and help in keeping it clean

Long Exposure shot at Chivla beach

Sunset view of Chivla beach

Visit the Sindhudurg Fort. The fort is totally inside the ocean accessible only by boat. If you have been to Murud Janjira fort before, you can skip the visit to Sindhudurg Fort unless you want to know more about this fort

Aerial View of Sindhudurg Fort

Next is the Scuba diving / Snorkeling and other water sports activities. Scuba diving (the Oxygen cylinder thing) costs INR 500 per person in Peak season along with GoPro video given (transferred to your mobile) within 30 minutes of the activity. Can you beat this? Can you for any reason say no to Scuba diving here?

Make sure you don’t miss the Malvan market. There are plenty of home made items, cashews and the special Malvan masala (mix of spices) to be purchased fresh and at reasonable prices

Visit the beautiful stretch of Tarkarli beach. Personally I would recommend you to stay at Chivla beach as Tarkarli is too commercialized with Big resorts and people trying to sell water sports / dolphin rides at every corner. One good thing about Tarkarli is the MTDC House Boats. So, if you want that experience, head to Tarkarli for the stay

Tarkarli Peninsula

When I was done with Malvan I headed to Mahabaleshwar to meet some friends there. This time I took the Gaganbawda route and I don’t remember a single pothole all the way to the top. Phondaghat was so terrible


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