Maharashtra: Lonar Lake Tour December 1-2, 2018

Short Intro: As per scientists, the lake was formed when a high velocity meteor hit the Earth some 52000 years ago. This is a very beautiful place and its the only hyper-velocity crater lake in the World!

Location: Lonar Crater Lake, Lonar town near Jalna in Buldhana district


This trip is only meant for Backpackers. One person carries 1 bag on his back
Imagine going to College with some clothes in your backpack

We will travel using State Bus and Indian Railways and Auto rickshaws at some places

– We leave from Mumbai on Nov 30 at 9pm by train to Jalna (reaches 5.00 am)
– We leave from Jalna on Dec 02 at 8pm by train to Mumbai (reaches 5.30 am)

Basic Itinerary:
– Catch Train 17057 from Mumbai to Jalna
– Meet your Trek Lead at Jalna station
– Proceed towards Jalna State Bus Stand
– Have a Quick introduction session
– Proceed towards Lonar by State Bus (We might also need to break journey using 2 State Buses if direct bus to Lonar gets cancelled)
– The road conditions are good. ST bus journey wont be that tiring. Girls need to cover their hair as some road patches are dusty
– We will check-in at MTDC
– We will check out Lonar Lake at sunset on Saturday
– On Sunday, we will go to the Lake again early morning with the certified Guide and see all temples and understand more about the origins of the lake
– Have fun with photos and selfies and creepiness of the lake
– Food at MTDC is VEG only. It is good at taste and quantity and the price is very affordable.
– Catch Train 11402 from Jalna to Mumbai


You can book train tickets on your own but make sure you book tickets for the below trains ONLY
DEVAGIRI EXP(17057) from Mumbai to Jalna on Nov 30
NANDIGRAM EXP(11402) from Jalna to Mumbai on Dec 2

Price per person:
To book your slot, the price you pay us per person will be: 1500 INR
If you want us to book your Train tickets, we will do that happily with no extra commission.
The final amount will be 1500 INR + Train Ticket price

All Food Expenses at any point of time will need to be paid by you
We wont be providing any refreshments as this helps in reducing the per person cost of the trip. Also, not everyone likes Redbull or Slice or whatever. You buy your own if needed

Stay at MTDC:
We will be staying in Non AC Dormitory. There will be 8 beds in 1 room and thats our entire group there


We have 2 Trip Leads and 6 slots available, So Register Soon

December is a great time to be at Lonar. It might get Cold in the evening so do carry a Jacket
Carry your Cameras as we can see Migratory Birds
We will also Hire a Guide who will provide us great information on the Birds and Ecology of the lake

Mandatory NOTE:
This trip involves a long 2hr journey by ST bus
If you get headache instantly, this is NOT the trip for you
We request you NOT to attend this trip as we dont want you to be sleeping the entire time in the room while others enjoy at the Lake

To Register and confirm your slot, fill the form below.

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