काळदुर्ग Kaldurg

Short intro:

Looking for a short trek and at a short travel distance? Your answer is Kaldurg. Kaldurg is more of a watch tower than being a fort

Taluka: Palghar
District: Palghar
Distance: 80 km from Mumbai


Best time to visit:

Monsoon and Winter: July – Feb. Summer will be extremely hot to trek

– Kindly consider the environment
– DO NOT throw any kind of garbage, carry it along with you
– This is NOT a place for party
– NO consumption of Alcohol here


The trail is through a dense green forest in monsoon. Due to this, under cover you would feel too much humidity and feel tired even when the climb is short and not that steep
Once, you make it to the first plateau, you will feel a lot relaxed


What to see:

Chahade village on the Palghar – Manor road is the base village for Kaldurg trek. Ask for Waghoba Temple and the trek trail starts behind the temple

There are 2 plateaus here. One at the mid way and the other at the top
At either plateau one can put up a tent and have fun camping with bonfire
There is a cistern at the top
Apart from monsoon months, from the top one can see a beautiful sunrise/sunset



Guidelines for a night trek:

– start your climb at least 2 hours before sunset
– guide is not necessary
– carry food and ample water with you
– thick clothing in winter is a must
– tents need to be carried as there are no caves for shelter
– carry firewood if you plan to set up a fire
– alternatively you can stay in the Waghoba temple and start your trek at 4-5 am
– there are no railings here. So watch your step


Go here on your own:

To reach Kaldurg by your own vehicle:
– Stick to Mumbai – Ahmedabad highway, and take a left at Manor if driving North
– Proceed towards Palghar railway station
– You need to reach Waghoba temple
– Ample parking is available

If you dont have a vehicle:
– Reach Palghar railway station by local train. Kaldurg is 8km far from the station, so getting an auto or ST bus is not a problem
– ST buses also run from Kalyan to Palghar
– You will need to get down at Waghoba temple


Whats nearby:

– Waghoba temple
– Waghoba Waterfall is a cool spot nearby. If you reach early, there will be no one here. Enjoy the chilled bath

Travel Tips:

– There is nothing nearby. Carry food and water along with you
– If you plan to go here in monsoon, be prepared for harsh rains and strong winds. You probably wont get a chance to use your camera in monsoon (July – Aug)


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