सांधण दरी Sandhan Valley

Short into:
Sandhan valley is undoubtedly a trekkers paradise. More than a trek or crossing muddy water, Sandhan valley is now a host to multiple adventure activites and is a must go spot.

Taluka: Akole
District: Ahmednagar
Distance: 63 km from Igatpuri


Best time to visit:
Winter: Nov – Feb. Dec – Jan being the best.

Medium. This is not a picnic zone or leisure tour.

What to see:
Yourself. Yes, this is a place to see yourself; possibly shivering as you cross around 1km stretch of cold muddy rain water through a canyon, marvelling at its walls which were formed millions of years ago. That’s enough said about this place.
This is a narrow canyon (a deep crack) and the side rocks are around 300-500ft and at some places just around 3ft wide from each other. Sunlight can barely make it to the bottom and this keeps the water cold throughout the day. Its actually very cold.
Apart from crossing the water, Sandhan valley is now host to multiple adventure activities like rapelling, cliff hanging, rock climbing, Giant Swing.

A reverse waterfall in the peak of monsoon. Something like this can also be seen at Malshej Ghat and Peb Fort trek and Irshalgad.

A picture (similar) that everyone takes when they are in Sandhan valley.

Go here on your own:
Going to Sandhan Valley on your own depends on the number of people. Going solo or in a group of 2 might not be the best experience here. The fun here has to be shared with your friends at the very moment.

If you have a vehicle, reach Bhandardara and from there to Samrad. This is the fastest route.

If you don’t have a vehicle. There are multiple ways to reach here.
1: Hire a cab right from your home – affordable for a group of more than 10 people.
2: Travel by late night train to Igatpuri (general class coach). You would have to spend the night at Igatpuri railway station or the ST bus stand just 5min away.
Reach Bhandardara by share taxi or by ST bus.
Then reach Samrad by share taxi. In a share taxi (these are Sumos), you might even get to sit on the roof which is super fun. If you cant reach Samrad, reach Ratanwadi.
You can also use a boat. Cross Lake Arthur (Bhandardara Lake) by boat from Bhandardara and reach Ratanwadi. The same person would possibly arrange for taxi as well till Samrad.
Samrad is a good place. Its a small village; but you will get good food there. People are helpful and when you come back from Sandhan, they will guide you back till at least Bhandardara.
A guide is needed to take you through the water. You will easily find some local person for the same.

Sounds like too much to do on your own? But this is the best way to go on treks, rather than going through pre-booked group tours. You don’t conquer places easily. Take the pains, drench in sweat and feel the pride when you reach the destination.

Whats nearby:
Bhandardara is a great spot nearby.
Dehna/Dehene is a picturesque village to be in monsoon.
Other nearby treks include Ratangad, Kalsubai, Harishchandragad.

Travel Tips:
Going through groups is convenient. They will arrange for everything and make things comfortable. Book slots specially in December. Thats the best time.
The real fun in Sandhan starts after November – December. Avoid monsoon, trek elsewhere in monsoon.
Carry extra clothes. There is no way you can avoid the water. Keep a back-sack with you which can hold a bottle water and camera. Rest everything leave at the guide’s home or with your organizers.
Kindly consider the environment and DO NOT throw any kind of garbage. Carry it along with you. This is NOT a place for party. NO consumption of Alcohol here.

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