Why Your June Destination should be: Malshej Ghat

I just don’t feel like paying a visit to Bhandardara for the fireflies. I know the sight of a million fireflies is like Stars on Earth but….. 2 reasons:
– been there multiple times
– the road to Bhandardara is terrible

A friend asked me to try Malshej Ghat in June. Though I was not so optimistic, but Hey! MTDC has rooms available for the weekend. Game on Malshej Ghat; Game on!!

How to reach Malshej Ghat:
Best way to reach Malshej Ghat is by personal vehicle if you come from Mumbai / Nashik / Pune in Maharashtra
There are State Buses plying on this Highway, but it would always be better to Hire a Tempo Traveller / Taxi if you don’t have a personal vehicle

The below video (watch in HD with sound) is just meant to gain your attention towards this writeup


Malshej Ghat can be visited easily in 1 day. However, for a relaxing and satisfactory trip, stay there a night

My plan is to start my bike, fill it with few litres of petrol and vroom towards Malshej Ghat. I will be staying at MTDC Malshej also known as Flamingo resort

The Ride:
I headed towards NH 61
Malshej and Malshej Ghat are different places. If you come from Mumbai, Malshej village will come first and then further in the mountains, Malshej Ghat


If you ask me what is Malshej Ghat? Well its just a busy highway road carved through the Sahyadri mountain ranges to connect 2 major cities in the state of Maharashtra. Ohhh.. short of breath (breathes heavily and drinks water)

See this video to understand my definition better (video has no sound)


After I reached Malshej, the landscape shows off its true colors and its Expansive scale

This is not my first time here, however the beauty of the mountains made me halt and take pictures. Isn’t this something awesome?

I have reached the Malshej tunnel now and well well, look at what we have here: Elephant Owners. Hey Enfield riders, what is up? You are going so fast I can barely see 😀 😀


Anyways, every man has a choice and every kid has an Enfield 😀 😛

After I was done negotiating the gentle curves of the mountain, I reached MTDC resort. As always, like most of the MTDC’s; this too is a big property with the best location

Few things about MTDC resort at Malshej Ghat
– Big, clean and spacious property
– Book 2 months ahead of journey in Jul / Aug / Sep / Oct
– If room is not available, you can call them and seek permission to setup a Tent in their premises. However, I am sure there would be snakes there. Better take a room. Already you have read this torturous blog and then getting bitten by snakes doesn’t sound good

A glance at the MTDC resort (skip the video, its not that great)


I can clearly see a little cloud cover over the mountains. It seems like my decision to come to Malshej Ghat was quite good for a weekend detox. The sun is hot but there is cool breeze all around. Little did I expect what would happen in the evening

Its 4.30pm now. After a good Veg lunch, I watch some TV and it seems like there is a lot of wind blowing

Curious, I go out of the room and look here and there. Yes, it seems like there is movement in the air. I can see clouds gathering in the distance and they have picked up a decent pace

Soon after around 15 mins, we have this

I ran all over the sunset point ground, hoping to click some pictures and shoot some videos
The environment changed drastically. All I could hear is loud thundering with Pink sparks in the sky and strong winds. It was fun and scary too

Check the clouds at the left in the below video (no sound)


Not 1 or 2, but the sparks were frequent. I was actually scared but it was too beautiful to witness all this
I almost ducked to every thunder. The valley provided more echo to the sound

This was the last picture of the day for the Malshej Ghat tunnel. Everything was soon taken over by the Clouds

MTDC shining in Nature’s Gray 😀

I returned back to have some tea after 2 hours of a total Natural Treat. Later in the night, when I will look at the images I will go on to think: We humans are so insignificant to Nature

Check these final set of images. Cool right?

2018-june-pune-malshej-ghat-8-mm 2018-june-pune-malshej-ghat-7-mm

Though monsoon speaks incredible (read as waterfalls, green, fog), being there in June gave a complete different picture
– There are clouds, but it might not rain
– The mountains are not green yet, still its Cold and cloudy and pleasant with petrichor
– Very very less crowd

I was all wet and running towards the hotel room. It was pitch black and only a small light bulb in the distance told me where to run. The distance to the hotel never seemed to end. Various sounds like a running machine or something and erosive wind coupled with thunders, it was total chaos. Suddenly right in front of me, lightning struck from 2 different directions on a rock. The rock blasted into I don’t know how many pieces and most of them straight towards me. The force was so strong I fell towards my right into a pool of mud and water. I could make out crows flying right above my head. When I opened my eyes, I was clutching my pillow very tight. It was 1:57 am and raining outside. I slept fine after that

I like visiting places like Malshej Ghat. One good reason being, there is no trouble of booking a train or flight and reachable within 3-4 hours of motorbiking

PRO Tip: If you plan to visit Malshej Ghat for 1 day picnic in monsoon, come early and go early. Else face huge traffic jam

Imagine over looking the sea of clouds from above them? That’s the Harishchandragad Trek (easily doable from Malshej Ghat)
For a similar and hassle free trip experience, along with Harishchandragad trek (one of the most beautiful treks in Maharashtra), Do you want me to take you there?


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